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    saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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    dude when I first got my glasses I was SHOCKED that the leaves were so defined on trees and my mom just looked at me like I was stupid BUT THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE SAYS

    When I first got my glasses I found out streetlights actually were attached to something! They just looked like floating balls of fuzzy light before.


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    nah, he ran into her knife

    he ran into her knife ten times






    i cannot stress enough how much i love this post  

    I reblogged this before and got an MRA anon about how “this is why we don’t need feminism” and I had to explain to his douchey ass that these are lyrics from Chicago

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    don’t worry, your english turned out fine, dude.

    as a foreword of warning,
    it is best that you don’t use this post as a standalone tutorial, 
    instead, try to use it as a study aid to help you make sense of real-life references.
    (same applies for any decent “art tutorial” out there, really. :p)

    bolded numbers correspond to the numbers on this post’s pictures.

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    Press TV’s Gaza correspondent breaks down while covering Israeli killing of Palestinian children

    Gaza is receiving no international aide as they are being slaughtered by Israel. Egypt has closed off it’s borders, won’t even extract medically injured persons or deliver medical supplies. Only let in Gazans with foreign passports. Civilians, kids, women, doctors, paramedics, are being murdered. my heart is so heavy and even though I am far from well off just living on American soil makes me feel so guilty rn. what a horrendous account of human rights violations occurring, and just look at those in power silently watching.

    This is important.
    What is happening is unacceptable. Please continue to spread information.

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    what happened in roughly 1870 though

    why was there temporary internet

    with a few people searching for pokemon?


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  • Anonymous asked : i'm a non muslim and i don't know that much about islam but i was wondering about your thoughts on the hijab and why it isn't sexist. because i can't stop thinking that it's wrong to tell a woman to cover up because the most important thing is her purity/to avoid harrassment from men, but i think it's even more gross to tell women what to wear and i feel so bad for thinking negatively about it but i just wanted to hear what you had to say i'm sorry if i sound ignorant i'm just really confused


    I think it’s worth stating first that I don’t wear the hijab because I personally believe that it was a cultural practice in the time of the prophet (saw), and that while Islam does advocate modesty, not only in terms of what you wear but also how you speak and act and carry yourself etc, it doesn’t explicitly ask women to cover their hair. 

    I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but believe me, I’ve done a lot of research into this, read about different interpretations of the quranic text which discusses the topic, discussed this w many people who have a range of opinions on the subject, and I’m not interested in getting into an argument about this. That being said, it’s a very personal decision and I have nothing but respect for people who *do* wear the hijab (which includes my mother).

    Okay moving on— I think the first thing is that you misunderstand what the hijab is actually about. It’s a form of worship, something that a Muslim does to please her creator, because she believes that it’s been asked of her to do this. It’s also something that many Muslim women feel liberates them from having to conform to society’s expectations of women. There is literally NOTHING in the Quran which talks about the hijab as something women have to wear because it’s her responsibility to cover herself from the lustful eyes of men. Nothing, zip, nada, zilch. The only thing that comes even close to it is aayat (verses) which asks women AND men to lower their gaze (aka not to ogle/leer at people). Those interpretations come from preconceived misogynistic ideals that men have, it’s extrapolation from the original text.

    Also the concept of hijab (which literally means ‘cover’ in arabic) is there for men as well. Men are also called upon to be modest in the way they dress in the Quran, in the very same aayah which asks women to do it, in fact. 

    I also wanted to say— I noticed that you used the phrases ‘it’s wrong to tell a woman what to wear’ and ‘it’s wrong to tell a woman to cover up’— I completely agree with this, but you have to understand that a large majority of the women who wear the hijab CHOOSE to do it. I have not met a single woman who was forced to wear it, and I come from a country where a large majority are Muslims. I probably know more people in my life who wear the hijab than those who don’t, and all of them chose to do it of their own free will.

    I know that there are people who are forced to wear it however, and I think that’s horrible, but it’s important to recognise that this is either because of that particular culture or because of misogynistic views or any number of reasons that actually have nothing to do with Islam. Don’t confuse that with the actual teachings of Islam, people find messed up ways to interpret religious text in EVERY religion.

    Also, telling a woman to cover up is wrong— but so is telling a woman that she needs to show skin in order to be appealing to men. Is that not what the millions of magazines, the media, and society tells us every day? It goes both ways. Stop telling women what to wear, period, regardless of whether it’s about covering up or showing more skin. That should be solely her choice, no one else gets a say in it.

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